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We work with a few select partners to best serve our clients.  We love and highly recommend them. Learn more about what they offer below.  

Sparkling Survivor LLC

My name is Shelley Schaitel. I am an oncology-certified chemo infusion nurse with a bachelor’s degree. I have worked in 12 different oncology clinics across Southern Wisconsin for almost 13 years. 

During that time, I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. I had just finished moving in June of 2018 and woke up one day to find a lump in my left breast.  As an oncology nurse I took note of it and monitored it, but it didn’t go away.  I then took action to investigate this new imposter and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I discovered that I carry a genetic mutation that caused me to be at high risk for multiple cancers including breast, ovarian, uterine, pancreatic, and melanoma. This mutation came from my dad (prostate cancer) and his mother (ovarian cancer - dad never knew exactly until my diagnosis) and so on. Never, in a million years did I see that coming as my mom’s side of the family carries Lynch Syndrome which is another genetic cause for multiple cancers. 


I surprised myself in that I dove into my faith and asked what it was I was supposed to do. I am not a religious person, but more of a spiritual being. Still, to this day, I honestly feel that I can thank cancer for teaching me what it did so that I can help others even more than I had in my professional career’s past.


I have always loved my patients; they can feel it as I have an abundance of testimonials to share. After my experience with cancer, I found my level of understanding and compassion for my oncology patients to be above and beyond what I thought would be possible.  I have clinical knowledge, but more importantly personal experience to support you during this new and confusing chapter of life. Few doctors, surgeons, or nurses have the actual cancer experience to share with their patients. I am passionate about creating a fun-filled (yes, I said fun) quality of life during your cancer journey. I can provide what our fast-paced healthcare system is unable to, which is an individualized experience. 


My goal is to remove the stigma and negativity associated with cancer by guiding you toward a POSITIVE perception. In essence, inspiring light in total darkness. I want to encourage you to TELL CANCER WHO’S BOSS!


Rise Up Basketball Academy

President Alyssa DeCicco

While growing up and to this day, athletics has always been a major part of my family. I have three sisters and we were all heavily involved in different sports from little on. Basketball became my true passion. I was recruited out of Muskego High School and offered a full ride scholarship to play ball at Northern Michigan University. My junior year season, my team was GLIAC Champs and advanced to the NCAA Tournament. I finished my career as NMU’s 3rd all-time leading scorer and with All-American honors both athletically and academically. 

Following college graduation, I was fortunate enough to play professionally in Australia for the Cairns Dolphins—unreal experience! 

I then flipped roles and got a taste of the other side of the recruiting process as I was the graduate assistant women’s basketball coach at the University of Dubuque for two years while earning my Master’s degree in Arts and Communications. In addition to Dubuque, I also was the assistant women’s basketball coach at Carroll University as well as several roles as a college recruiter. I’ve been heavily involved in training young athletes for the last 10+ years. I work with young hoopers all the way through college hoopers. 

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