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37 Things You Need To Know

Time flies. I can’t believe I turned 37 yesterday! My gift to you is 37 BIG truths I’ve learned through my own journey in health and fitness as well as through working with thousands of clients as a registered dietitian, personal trainer and group fitness instructor over the past 15 years.

Read up and drop me a comment to let me know which of these you want to hear more about in the future.

Here's the cold hard truths...

· If you focus on health, weight loss comes. If you focus on weight loss, you end up hungry, tired and food obsessed. Take it from one who knows. And who has seen.

· Losing that 10 or 20 pounds isn’t going to be your ticket to happiness. It’s good to work on health and wellness but also address what is making you unhappy on a deeper level.

· You should throw out your scale. For real. So many items can vary that number. Look at the way your clothes fit, your energy level, your sleep, your measurements.

· Reaching your goal weight doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly stop criticizing your body. You’ve gotta start that today. Find the things you can appreciate.

· You deserve to eat the brownies or the cake. Balance is always key and can be learned at any time in your life. You can have all foods and still reach your goals.

· If you take enjoyment in reading lots of menus online and painstakingly choosing restaurants by reviewing each and every menu in great detail, you almost certainly aren’t eating enough.

· Along with that, I would be a rich woman if I had a dollar for every time a client told me “I just love food so much and that’s why I think about it 24/7”. It’s NOT TRUE guys! It’s food obsession that comes from restriction of certain foods or just not eating enough in general. I have many, many clients (and myself) on the other side who prove this.

· Getting back in the gym isn’t going to take care of your weight loss. Your nutrition is 90% of your progress!! Don’t ignore such an important part.

· We know nutrition matters in weight loss. So does movement or exercise, sleep and stress level. You can’t work on just one of the four items and expect success.

· Eat less, move more does NOT work long term. It’s going to lead to overeating at some point. Most likely weight regain at some point. Too big of a calorie deficit for too long is TROUBLE.

· You don’t need to track your macros or calories forever. You can learn to just eat and maintain your weight.

· We all are born with hunger and fullness cues. Comments like “eat all your food or you can’t leave the table” or “no dessert until you finish your dinner” ruin these cues. All diets ruin these cues too. Good news is you absolutely can find those cues again.

· When your stress is through the roof, you’re not going to lose fat. Work on stress management.

· Stop thinking you have to do crazy hard, crazy intense exercise all the time to make progress. You don’t.

· It’s not always about the food. If you eat to feel better, you can’t just “stop it”. You’ve got to look at what is making you feel awful and fix THAT.

· If you are starting over or getting back on track every Monday, your plan isn’t working for you. You need a more sustainable plan.

· Slow and steady does always win the race. Although we all want results NOW….you don’t want fast fat loss. It’s not the kind that sticks. Take your time and form good habits.

· You’re not addicted to carbs. If you began regularly eating balanced meals and allowed yourself the carbs that you need, you’d stop craving them and overeating them.

· Stop picking on fruit. It’s not natural sugar you need to worry about. It’s added sugars. If you have blood sugar issues, look at what you are pairing the fruit with and the fruit you choose…. Don’t just dump the fruit. It’s important for vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients that fight chronic disease.

· Never downplay the value of a simple outdoor walk. It’s physical and mental benefit. It’s the only form of exercise that doesn’t increase your appetite. And it can curb release of your stress hormone cortisol!

· If you overeat before dinner (or after dinner), take a look at your breakfast and lunch. You likely aren’t eating enough early in the day, leading to overeating later in the day.

· One meal or day isn’t going to ruin your process. What you do on a regular basis guarantees your progress or lack of progress.

· Imperfect consistency in nutrition and exercise is EVERYTHING! You’ve got to do things well most of the time. Never worry about the one time occurrences… unless they add up to inconsistency overall!

· Stop working out for 3 hours. If you have the energy to be in the gym more than 60-90 minutes, you aren’t working hard enough in that first hour!!! Work hard, work smart. Don’t waste your time.

· And stop working out 6-7 days a week. It’s too much for most women and your hormones will eventually tell you so. And it won’t be fun. Rest is CRUCIAL in fat loss and muscle gain. Give yourself rest days!

· Yoga is not useless. It will balance your body and your mind. Such a GAME CHANGER. Try it at least 3-4 times before you give up on it.

· You don’t need keto to lose weight. In fact, I’d strongly discourage it altogether due to the weight regain and the lab values of my clients who come to me following a long term keto diet. It’s not worth it. Find what you can do long term & see HEALTH benefits.

· You’ve got to eat fruits and veggies. Period. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel fuller. Your body will get what it needs.

· Eat more plants. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts/seeds, beans/legumes. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel fuller. Your body will get vitamins it needs. They contain fiber which we all need for weight maintenance or weight loss. Plants are also full of phytochemicals or plant nutrients that fight DNA damage to cells, increase immunity and a host of other benefits.

· On that note…you’ve got to drink water too. This is the #1 FAIL I see – if you don’t drink it effects your energy, sleep, skin, how you look, everything.

· Foods aren’t “good” or “bad”. Everything is ok in moderation. Too much of anything can be a problem.

· Never tell yourself you “can’t have” certain foods. That 100% makes you want them more. Balance is key.

· The way you talk to yourself MATTERS. If you do nothing but put your body down, things will never change for you. SEE the positive. It’s ok to accept where you are and work to change it at the same time.

· Your kids are always watching. Whether they are your child, your sister’s kid, your neighbor, your student. They notice and learn from the way you treat yourself. Kids also learn from the way you eat. Whether you give them different food or not. Role model a balanced plate – eat protein, starchy carbs and fruits/veggies.

· Cutting the grass, cleaning the house, chasing your kids are activities that count as movement. This is ok to get your exercise in through nontraditional methods. I would add weight training though if you can.

· Coffee and caffeine are not bad for you. Too much though…. Not great. Again it’s all moderation.

· Stop working on your nutrition for a week and being mad you don’t have results yet. It takes time. Be imperfectly consistent for 4-6 weeks before you start judging your progress.

· The balanced plate approach is a lifestyle you can carry with you forever. It shows you how to eat and allows you to use it anywhere….restaurants, parties, travel, etc. You can make great progress using this approach alone.

We need to stop making things complicated and stop looking for the quick, easy way to our goals. Take your time, learn and do it ONCE….get to your goals in a sustainable matter. If you need help with this, reach out to me or fill out my coaching application. Let’s chat.

Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes!!!!

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