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Are You Consistent?

Looking at the thousands of clients that I have worked with, the number one determinant of success is always the ability to be CONSISTENT. [this can be learned if consistency hasn’t been your thing]

Consistent with what though?

Maybe not the things that you think.

It’s those little things that sound basic or maybe “too easy”. [spoiler alert - this is what will really get you results + help you keep them forever]

Items like:

👉🏼1/2 your body weight in ounces in water

👉🏼Fruit and/or veggies in most meals

👉🏼Balanced plates at most meals

👉🏼Physical activity AND NEAT [non activity movement]

👉🏼QUALITY sleep

👉🏼Having a few methods for stress reduction

You might think, I can totally do that.

Yes, you can… but are you?

If you aren’t, this is where nutrition coaching comes in. The goal is to help you build the daily habits that you need to meet your goals AND help you be consistent with them. So that you can then do it on your own and truly be consistent. For the long term.

If you are ready to look and feel your best along with having great energy, let’s talk. Go to the apply page and fill it out so we can look at what you need. Building habits and becoming consistent with them to reach those goals will change your life.


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