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4 Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

One of my favorite things to hear is that my clients "don't feel like they are on a diet" when they want to lose weight or increase their health.

They feel amazing. They have more energy. They enjoy their food. Their cholesterol is better. They sleep better. Their moods are better. They lost weight (and more importantly!) and KEPT it off long term.

There was no keto. Or cutting all the sugar. Or counting points. Or anything extreme.

So, what are they doing?

1. They learn what healthy behaviors actually are and how to be consistent with these behaviors. This might look like drinking a specific amount of water day in and day out. It might mean making sure each meal has the balanced plate components (protein, carb, fruit or veggie and fat). It might be increasing their steps to 8K or 10K a day. It might be limiting meals out to 2 meals per week. It might mean committing to a certain amount of sleep almost every night. It might mean stress reducing activities.

2. They learn not to beat themselves up over mistakes (no perfectionism here) AND they learn from their mistakes. So you ended up going out to dinner unplanned and were super hungry and overdid it. Okay, so let's get back to normal the next day! Don't stress. Let's break it down and figure out how to make sure that you have snacks ready so that you don't get overly hungry. Let's talk about how to choose meals out that you enjoy AND that hit on all the things you need. Too tired at night to pack a lunch? Well let's learn to prep all the lunches on Sunday or get up 5 minutes early to pack it.

3. They understand that lasting results take time. In fact, they probably take more time then you want but would you rather lose the same 20 pounds over and over because you keep gaining it back or would you rather take your time, build new habits that work for your life and get results that last FOREVER? Anyone can lose weight fast but 97% of us can't keep weight off that was lost fast or on some sort of diet.

4. They seek accountability. It's always easier to do something when you have someone checking to see if you are actually doing it! Regular check-in's with a coach or trusted friend take you to the next level. We can also support you and help troubleshoot when things aren't going as planned.

It's really all about learning and building a lifestyle that works for you.

Ready to look + feel amazing, be confident in your own skin and love your food?

I have just opened 3 additional - 1:1 coaching spots for spring. If you are curious about how to reach your goals without cutting out foods, counting everything that goes into your mouth or being on a strict diet, reply to me and we can talk about what it would look like!

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