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Think Beyond The Scale

I actively seek to make myself better.

What I no longer actively seek is JUST weight loss, just a lower number on the scale, itself.

Myself and my clients that found that actively seeking true health and bettering yourself does lead to weight loss. [If it doesn’t, you likely don’t need to lose weight].

So what is seeking true, whole person health?

👉🏼Eating nutritious foods that give you energy and make you feel your best most of the time

👉🏼Enjoying not such nutritious foods when it feels good, often in celebration or on holidays

👉🏼Exercise that you enjoy and that challenges you

👉🏼Sleeping 7+ hours most nights

👉🏼Learning multiple techniques to manage stress [and using them]

👉🏼Communicating clearly with those around you

👉🏼Asking for help when you need it

👉🏼Saying no when you need to

👉🏼Learning and growing as a person regularly

True health is more than a number on a scale [and it feels a whole lot better than just a number on a scale].

It is achievable by you. Thinking about whole person health rather than just weight loss has changed my life and it can change yours too.

If you want to level up your life and achieve the best whole person health possible, message me and let’s talk about what it looks like for you.

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