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Let's Stop Making Weight Loss Hard

I’ve never been more unhealthy than when I was killing myself trying to be “the healthiest”.

AKA pursuing weight loss.

When you’re going hard, eating less + exercising more, eliminating carbs or fat, drinking all the water or chewing gum to stave off your hunger, what you are doing isn’t healthy.

And when you use unhealthy methods to “get healthy”, they backfire.

This is where f*ck it mode comes in - one little thing goes wrong and your diet is out the window. You’re wayyyyy off the wagon and have to start over on Monday.

This can also be where you reach your weight loss goal and then 6 months later find yourself back at the weight you were before. Or even heavier.

This tends to become a cycle.


“Getting healthy” feels like nourishing your body with foods that give you energy and make your body feel good. It takes some planning and preparation which takes consistency and discipline but it shouldn’t be miserable. Not super low calorie. Not excluding food groups.

“Getting healthy” feels like doing workouts you enjoy. You may not always want to workout and it may be really hard some days but ultimately it feels good.

“Getting healthy” includes getting enough sleep, learning how to manage stress and learning to listen to your body. It includes time management and learning to prioritize yourself, when needed.

When you put the focus on those items, weight loss will happen, when it needs to without laser focus or obsession around it. Without cutting the carbs or two a days in the gym. Without missing dinners out or social events.

Being healthy is feeling good and having great energy in addition to looking good.

If you are ready to ditch the harsh diet FOR GOOD and learn how to plan and execute simple steps that lead to truly getting healthy, falling back in love with your body and feeling amazing everyday, this is exactly what we work on in my 1:1 coaching. Go to the apply page on my website to apply for a free consultation. Let’s chat about what working together would look like!❤️

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